Rapper D. Lynch announces "Psychometrics" album, produced by Hopsin & co


Dan Byelich, better known as D. Lynch, is an upcoming rap artist out of Philadelphia, PA. The emerging rapper, known for the serious tone of his lyrics and fierce approach to the success of his music career, is looking forward to the release of his new album, "Psychometrics" &mdash which drops on March 21. The long-awaited album features music production by rapper/music producer Hopsin and other members of Funk Volume. D. Lynch's album can be pre-ordered now at http://buff.ly/1MbpjX2

With musical influences such as Nas, Jay-Z, and Mos-Def, D.Lynch's new album showcases his versatile style and a sound reminiscent of the grimy east coast style mixed with the ruggedness of west coast rap. Heavy bass lines are apparent throughout the entire project which features 15-tracks. In addition to the production by Hopsin, "Psychometrics" features several collaborations with artists; Cage, Samoan IRok, Jidnak, MK, Dead Smoke, Teddy Benson, Zoniak and Big C. With thousands of Twitter followers, the younger rapper let's his music speak for itself, basing his lyrics on real-life experiences and those of others close to him.

Aiming to take his style of rap music to a new level, D Lynch has visions to sustain those around him with his accomplishments and success. He prides himself with only producing work that reflects high-class respect for hip hop culture; Those who made it and those who love it. Never one to brag in discussion, D.Lynch is a believer in letting his music relay the message first, then opening up the forum for questions.

About D.Lynch

Rapper D. Lynch is an upcoming rap artist from Philadelphia, PA. With an aspiration to serve others through the music he creates, he is vigilant in pressing forward as he creates his own path in the industry. Now connecting with the right individuals who can take his artistry to the top, D.Lynch is certainly on the fast track to becoming one of hip hop's most sought-after underground artists. His latest project "Psychometrics," is an honest reflection of his hard work and the dedication to his craft and love for hip hop.

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