Dallas rapper Fat Boogie causes chaos with new single


One of the most sought after hip hop artists in the DFW, rapper Fat Boogie is back with his latest hit single, "Better Get Your H" (BGYH). The new collaboration featuring fellow Texas artist Lil Ronny MothaF is the pinnacle of what's to come from the newest breed of Southern rap artists, with Fat Boogie leading the pack. To check out what the buzz is all about visit: http://buff.ly/1FyGtg4

Written by Fat Boogie himself and Lil Ronny MothaF, BGYH is yet another rich, southern influenced club track laced with heavy bass and boastful lyrics. BGYH was produced by T. Woo Hidin Beats and has quickly become a fan favorite in the Dallas area hip hop scene. The Dallas native adds this latest hit to his other great works, including "Dirty Sprite," "Hustler Mentality" and "Candy House."

With over 50,000+ online views and an army of Twitter followers, Fat Boogie has acquired such a dedicated following in just a short time due to his energetic stage presence and straight forward messages behind his music. Wearing a shirt with the phrase, "Fat is a Lifestyle," during one of his performances, then aggressively ripping it off, is what got his memorized fans in an uproar. Priding himself with all 340lbs of energy, he wears the confidence and exudes the energy of an All-Pro running back&mdash as he should. With his southern voice and urban swagger, Fat Boogie has a "work hard" mentality and is a perfectionist at his craft.In addition to the new single, Fat Boogie has a forthcoming album project in the works.

About Fat Boogie
With an over-the-top exhilarating energy coming from Dallas, TX, Fat Boogie has become a force to reckon with in the music industry. His "trap rap" music compliments his thick southern voice and rich beats. Some refer to the rapper as a "Dallas combination of Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti and Rick Ross" with his own unique twist, of course. Painting the picture of a true, everyday hustler, it is evident he is a man who has worked for what he has, from the bottom up. Fat Boogie is the grandson of a wise Southern Baptist preacher who taught him how to appeal to the bigger masses at a young age. Provided with the tools for success and natural talent, he took to music to create Fat Boogie &mdash his stage name describing his lifestyle, image and pride. Connect with the Dallas rapper on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to join him on his journey to change rap music forever.

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