Rapper Jimmy Yah drops long-awaited Kush & Lemonade album


After a brief hiatus Jacksonville Florida native, Trevorris Horne, better known as "Jimmy Yah" has announced the release of his latest album. The triple threat music producer, songwriter and hip hop recording artist has built his career off the success of several mixtapes, rap battles and open mics. 

Now teaming with Sandray Anderson (DrayBeatz) and Hop Davis (Hands on Productions), Jimmy Yah is back at it with the new album "Kush & Lemonade" [Jump On It Records] featuring hit singles, "Kush" and "Boomin." You can view and pre-order the album on his official website: www.iamjimmyyah.com

Trevorris Horne was born in 1987, where he grew up in the tough streets of Duval County. To escape what he describes as "rough times," he had one of two options, music or athletics. After doing just about anything to hold a microphone at all times, it is safe to say the athletic realm did not take. In the fourth grade he performed in his first talent show at Hyde Park, a grammar school on Duval County's Westside, where he knew music would be his lifelong love. To evolve as an artist Jimmy Yah took up drama courses. Front and center on any stage was where he thrived the most.

From ciphers to open mics, Jimmy Yah had arrived onto the mainstream music scene by 2006. With aggressive lyrics and undeniable ambition, he was the mastermind behind hits like "Throwed In Girbauds" and "Open Your Pockets Up." Garnering a dedicated following, the young talent began to sway shows all over the city.

About Jimmy Yah
Born and raised in Jacksonville Florida, Trevorris Horne, who would later be referred to as Jimmy Yah, had a dream; A dream to become one of the biggest, most influential names in the music industry. From education to rapping his way through the streets in open mic nights, Jimmy Yah has acquired the right tools to combine with his natural talent to create real, authentic rap music. Looking up to Wayne and his constant need to feed the ears of hungry rap lovers, Jimmy Yah has created an unstoppable alliance with Village Green Studios.

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