Genius set to release new pop/reggae single, "Murder She Wrote"

Formerly known as V.I.C. his hit singles include "Get Silly" and Wobble"


Formerly known as V.I.C., Genius was responsible for hit single "Wobble" that created a larger than life dance craze and "Get Silly" another club smash. He has reinvented himself and is now back with another hit entitled "Murder She Wrote" that will be released September 18th on iTunes, Google Play and other major online music retailers.

Produced by VST23, "Murder She Wrote" has a lyric video available on YouTube for a sneak peek of what's to come. To check out the video visit

"Murder She Wrote" is a crossover hip-hop/pop/reggae track that appeals to music lovers across the board. An easy playlist selection for DJs worldwide, the single will invite you to dance with its upbeat rhythm and unforgettable hook. Although his name has changed his focus remains the same and that is to keep us all smiling and dancing.

Genius is doing things his way, he has started his own company Miracle Music which will be a platform to help other aspiring artists. He has learned a lot through his years in the industry and wants to help others not make the same mistakes. This new single will put him back on the musical map.

About Genius

Genius was born Victor Owusu in Queens, NY but moved to Atlanta, GA at a young age. Growing up in Atlanta where some of the hottest artists are cultivated gave Genius the confidence that he would be apart of that crowd. Being green to the industry was apart of his learning process, and learn he did. Not holding on to any negativity of the past and his spirituality is what kept Genius motivated. Starting his own company to ensure he wouldn’t be taken advantage of again was the first step in creating his new sound and image. He will be moving back up the charts soon.

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