Elline announces "Smoke and Mirrors" music video, "Stained Glass" EP release date

"LA-based singer/songwriter captivates with her beautiful voice and eloquent style"


Following the recent release of her soulfully infused pop single "Smoke and Mirrors," singer/songwriter Elline has announced the release date of the song’s music video, directed by LA-based photographer Yves Huy Truong. On September 30, fans can tune in on Youtube to experience the visual presentation of a vocally appealing record that pulls you into the moment. "Smoke and Mirrors" can be heard at http://buff.ly/1UX1SbG

A recent review of the single from Jamsphere noted "Smoke and Mirrors" as "designer crafted pop art, blended with a generous sprinkling of electronic and R&B influences," the music magazine also added, "Start to finish, Smoke and Mirrors is flawless and relentlessly engaging, in a rare sophisticated manner."

In addition to the music video Elline is also prepping for the release of her forthcoming EP titled "Stained Glass." Slated to be released on October 7 through Soundcloud and iTunes, "Stained Glass" was written and recorded in Los Angeles, mixed by Felipe Mejia Saldarriaga and mastered by Stuart Hawkes with Metropolis Mastering in London.

Elline wrote the material and assisted with song arrangements while working alongside music producers Felipe Mejia Saldarriaga, Mateo Lewis and SUR whom helped carve out the sound and feel of "Stained Glass." The 4-track EP is a genuine representation of her artistic creativity and has an empowering, playful, reflective, and honest nature.

The Stained Glass EP started as an outlet of self-discovery and self love. To Elline, stained glass is a powerful metaphor for how we see life: depending on which side of the stained glass you’re on, you can either see a lifeless, grey window or stories written in color. She skillfully crafted each song on the EP as if it were a work of art. Her fans will be able to feel the passion and devotion through her compelling vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

About Elline

Through the effortless sounds of her distinct vocals, emerging LA-based singer and songwriter Elline is carving a musical style of her own. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, her lyrical themes create genuine, multifaceted songs, challenging listeners’ perspectives and encouraging them to a reflective journey. Influenced by R&B, electronic and pop, Ellines’ music is refreshing and empowering. Her new single, "Smoke and Mirrors" is a smart catchy record and the first release from her upcoming "Stained Glass" EP.

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