2Ru3 announces the upcoming release of new single, "The People"

"South Carolina rapper uses his music to encourage positive change"


Focused on reaching and inspiring the world through his thought-provoking musical testament the South Carolina rap artist known as 2Ru3 (pronounced True) has announced the forthcoming debut of his single "The People." The song is a meaningful track that expresses the importance of unity and growth.

The first single from 2Ru3’s all original "Alpha (The Beginning)" EP – slated to be released later this year, "The People" will drop on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon along with a host of other online music retailers on Tuesday, November 10. You can hear the new track on Soundcloud at http://buff.ly/1PJPU0M on November 5th.

Self-produced and written by 2Ru3, "The People" is a more mellow production than the singles he’s released in the past however the new effort still carries 2Ru3’s distinguished, laid-back musical style. Influenced by hip hop greats such as the legendary 2Pac, T.I., DMX, Juvenile and Goodie Mob, you can certainly hear the uplifting, underlying messages 2Ru3 has continued to incorporate into his music.

In addition to the new single and EP, he has also launched a line of custom t-shirts through his music and lifestyle company Gentile Soul United Nation. The latest editions feature a collection of shirts themed with slogans like, "Hip Hop Lives In Me." The new gear is currently available online at http://buff.ly/1LJ4EYA

About 2Ru3

2Ru3 (pronounced True) is a hip-hop artist who is native to Columbia, South Carolina. He was born and raised on the southeast side of Columbia near Hopkins via SC-48. He has always been a musical individual ever since he can remember, whether making up songs about random topics or just having fun with friends. He never got into rapping until about 13 years old, but got serious with it after graduating high school. Part of his mission, through music, is to impart truth to anyone willing to listen with an open mind while also striving to create music that is heartfelt, soulful and resonates with the people who hear it no matter where they are from or how old they are. In a world driven by opinions, he believes now more than ever the people need to stand together on and in "the" truth in all situations in order to reach a better place to live in.

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