SkyLaw frontman Reve Kalell drops "Malware" EP

Lyricist Reve Kalell drops long-awaited EP project


The emerging lyricist and frontman of Denver-area band SkyLaw, Reve Kalell has announced the release of his long-awaited EP titled "Malware."

Featuring three of his latest records, "Feel It", "Think Like Them" and "Light Up" with Houston rapper/singer Darian, the 9-track EP is a game-changing display in the way that we look at musical genres; "Malware" is an infectious soundtrack of hip hop, electronic and indie alternative.

With a fresh line-up of producers, featuring the exclusive sounds of BeatsCraze, The Robotiks, Digital Coma and Sean Ross, "Malware" is in a class by itself. The EP is now available on Soundcloud at

Recently premiered in RESPECT magazine, the writer notes:

"Starting off with the title track, the Denver-based entertainer discusses the glitches in his system, which are more than likely synonymous to any adversaries or unexpected issues we all face but he overcomes every time. With a profusion of confidence and relatability, Kalell warns his competitors over the course of the project. For the most part, his energy remains consistent."

Reve Kalell will be hosting an official Malware release event on Thursday, November 19th at the Moon Room in Denver with special guest Toy Box, Supreme Ace and Trayce Chapman. For more information on the event please visit

About Reve Kalell

Reve Kalell was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. The lead frontman for electro-hip hop band SkyLaw, Reve is known for his highly stylized sound and self-assured demeanor, on and off the stage. As one of Denver’s most recognizable emerging rappers, his goal is to fulfill his dreams as an artist and philanthropist while also giving back to his community. His lifestyle initiative, the "Light Up" revolution is a major part of Reve’s plan to uplift and inspire others through his music. Reve Kalell’s determination coupled with his passion for music will be the driving force behind this new age sound of Hip Hop.

Twitter: @ReveKalell

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