XJ Jack announces debut album, "Scorpion"

Music producer and artist XJ Jack offers high-energy electro sounds with release of new album


Known to cross boundaries when writing and creating his psychedelic-styled tracks, producer, songwriter and artist XJ Jack has announced the arrival of his newly released debut album entitled "Scorpion."

The Istanbul native began cultivating his music career while in his early teens and has continued to craft his productions through highly poetic lyrics and a unique free-form musical style. "Scorpion" is now available on iTunes at http://buff.ly/1QPWwv6 - you can stream the album on Spotify at http://buff.ly/1QKZMrs

Written and produced by XJ Jack, the album’s lead single "Scorpions in My Pocket" featuring Baron has done extremely well since its recent release and genuinely sets the artistic tone for the rest of the album. Featuring 12-tracks infused with elaborate electro sounds and catchy sonic elements, the creation of "Scorpion" was influenced by the sounds of artists such as Röyksopp, Daft Punk, and The Prodigy.

XJ Jack’s musical contributions in the world of electronica can also be seen visually. The fusion of his eclectic productions and the mind-capturing images used in his videos create a one-of-a-kind experience. You can check out his latest videos on Vevo at http://buff.ly/21er0LI

About XJ Jack

XJ Jack is a prolific Producer, Artist, & Songwriter who isn’t afraid of breaking the rules. He was born, raised, and currently dwells in Istanbul, Turkey. The art of music has always been a passion for XJ Jack and he started creating music at the age of sixteen. He is all about distinctive sound, poetic lyrics, and disturbingly beautiful visuals ensuring a profound experience for his fans. XJ Jack is the two-time Winner of the Akademia Music Award.

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