Stephanie Martinez of "News Quickies" Explains Today’s Headlines in 90 Seconds or Less

13 NOVEMBER 2017
"News Quickies" is geared towards both English and Spanish Speakers

Los Angeles, CA - November 13, 2017 -- In the current volatile political climate, it’s hard to keep up with current events. That’s where "News Quickies" comes in. The YouTube Channel show, hosted by veteran journalist Stephanie Martinez, breaks down today’s headlines in a fun, easy to follow format, all in 90 seconds or less. No topic is off limits, Stephanie explains the recent executive action to the DACA program, North Korea, US gun control laws and regulations and the ongoing NFL player controversy.

Stephanie, who has worked for Univision and Telemundo, brings her current events expertise to "News Quickies" to help busy people understand the world around them. With videos in both English and Spanish, Stephanie ensures that a broader audience has access to current events. Stephanie’s casual, fun delivery on "News Quickies" allows her to connect with her audience in a much more personal way.

Born in Colombia, Stephanie now lives in Los Angeles and draws on her background as the inspiration for "News Quickies". An Emmy-nominated journalist and the filmmaker behind "Uncensored: Narco Journalism", Stephanie knows how to tell a story with emotional impact. With "News Quickies", she gets the opportunity to tell stories in a lighter tone.

"In the past couple of years, the news industry has changed immensely. New generations are looking for something fresh, relaxed, fast and most importantly, that they can understand. I don't blame them for being put off by traditional news. Sometimes it's hard for me to understand too! The audience, especially millennials, want to feel like if they're talking with a friend over a couple of drinks. That's what I'm here to do."

New episodes of "News Quickies" are available on YouTube at Subscribe to be notified of the latest episodes which are released once a week.

About Stephanie

Stephanie Martinez is an investigative journalist currently living in Los Angeles. Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Stephanie has always had a passion for storytelling and current events. After graduating from the undergraduate program at George Mason University, Stephanie went on to get her masters in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Maryland. Since then, she has been nominated for four Emmys for her work with Univision. Her latest project, "News Quickies" is targeted to busy people to help them keep up with the frenetic news cycle. Stephanie breaks down important current events in a quick, fun, conversational way for Spanish and English speaking audiences. Go to to watch.


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