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Dan Kenneth Set to Release New Music Video "From The Heart" April 23rd

Catch Dan Kenneth in Concert to Celebrate his new Release 

Los Angeles, CA - April 19, 2018 -- Listeners of all faiths will agree that Dan Kenneth’s single "From the Heart" is an honest and uplifting song, and the FMQB charts have reflected this. "From the Heart" has climbed steadily since it’s release, and has since hit the top 40 and shows no signs of slowing down, and for good reason. Dan’s emotional vocals are backed up, for the most part, with a simple piano score, allowing listeners to form a true connection to the work. 

The music video for "From the Heart," shot in Delaware and Philadelphia, forges an even deeper connection between Dan and his listeners. Offering an intimate vision of how he interprets his work visually and lending even deeper meaning to "From the Heart." The message that love is a powerful force that can overcome all obstacles and is the ultimate emotion that all people live to experience is rendered clearly by the video’s production. The video will be available on YouTube and all major video platforms worldwide on April 23rd through Rive Video Promotion.  

"Doing this video was a wonderful experience. I worked with great actors which made it all the more comfortable. The video’s second location for the shoot was done in the art studio of Philadelphia’s known Black Picasso .. a wonderful place full of color from an extremely amazing man!!" says Dan. 

"From the Heart" features Dan on lead vocals. Tomas Doncker on guitar and Raven White sang background vocals. Rod Clemmons contributed to the project as the producer, arranger, and music director. Clemmons also performed keyboards, drums, bass, background vocals, and wrote the lyrics. 

Dan’s collaboration with Clemmons has been an amazing experience for him, leading to the truest version of his work to date. "I want to thank Rod Clemmons for such a wonderful song and his amazing talent!! With his understanding of my vision all of this has become a reality!" says Dan of his working relationship with Rod. 


To celebrate the release of "From the Heart" Dan Kenneth will be performing live at venues across the country. Catch his performance at the Twentieth Century Theater in Cincinnati, Ohio on Thursday, April 26, and at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh, PA on Friday, May 18th. Additional dates may be added soon, follow Dan on Facebook for updates. 


About Dan Kenneth

Dan Kenneth is a contemporary R&B and Gospel artist from Wilmington, Delaware. With deep family ties to his hometown and the South, Dan’s motivation to make music is rooted in his faith. Early in life, Dan started his musical career performing with local Wilmington group "Vision," whose spiritual music fused R&B and jazz in a non-traditional style. Dan continued to make music, and his career was jumpstarted by his partnership with writer and producer Rod Clemmons of Verdict Records. Together, they collaborated to create a collection of songs that celebrate Dan as an artist and his creative and spiritual vision. "From The Heart" is the album that emerged from this partnership, and it will be available later this year. Follow Dan on social media for updates on release dates and performance schedules.



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