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SUMMY announces new single release, "Sus"

Emerging pop artist offers steamy anthem of suspicion and jealousy

Los Angeles, CA - May 24, 2018 -- Pop artist and online sensation SUMMY’s new single "Sus" is available now. Themes of jealousy and suspicion permeate the song with a breathtaking energy. SUMMY’s precise, dramatic vocals perfectly support the track’s theme while clever lyrics will make listeners think about trust in a whole new way.  

"This compelling anthem is for the slightly suspicious posse’s," says SUMMY of "Sus". A music video for the track is currently in production. Michael Adubato and Holden Jaffe helped SUMMY bring "Sus" to life. You can listen to "Sus" on Spotify and iTunes.

SUMMY has always had talent. It was a cover of "Issues" by Julia Michaels that helped bring her talent to light. The video was seen by fans, and by music industry decision makers like Lady Gaga and MTV. By choosing the perfect track to display her skills, SUMMY proves that she’s an artist who knows herself and will be able to shape her career for future success.

SUMMY is currently hard at work on a number of upcoming projects. Among them, a new single, "Modern Art," set for release this summer. A new full-length album is also in the works, SUMMY is looking forward to announcing a release date later this year. 


SUMMY is a US-based pop singer who captured the attention of audiences and the music industry with a viral video. SUMMY's cover of "Issues" by Julia Michaels landed her a spot on MTV’s Cover of the Month and was watched by over half a million music enthusiasts all over the world. These viewers included award-winning producers, and Lady Gaga, who retweeted the video. After her runaway success, SUMMY focused on producing original work. Her current single "Sus" is available now. A music video and album are in the works, and SUMMY is looking ahead to announcing a tour in the near future. Listen to all of SUMMY’s music on Soundcloud, Spotify, and iTunes. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter for further information.


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