BODA Releases New Song and Video, California

California Available Now on All Major Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) April 14, 2020 — BODA, dropped his newest single and music video, “California.” This release follows his last single, “John Lennon.” BODA’s latest singles have proved his ability to create a wide range of captivating pieces, reaching multiple audiences through different genres. 

“California” is a story of a small-town girl who desires to move to the exciting and alluring state of California. She, like so many others, dreams of living a rockstar lifestyle. It’s a song for all of those with a dream of finding success one way or another. 

BODA has created a joyous, heartfelt tune released at the perfect time to spring its listeners into a summer mood. “California” is the song you’ll want to repeat all summer.

The music video and song for “California” is available on all major platforms. Follow BODA on Instagram to keep up with future releases. 

About BODA

Omaha, Nebraska native BODA has been making music for the last 6 years. He has always wanted to make music but never had the courage until he was 19 years old. He used the space he created to write lyrics and poems, as a tool to freely find himself as an artist. Over the course of time, the rapper has released close to 40 songs on SoundCloud. This momentum has been no different in the last two years. His first solo project was in 2018 when he released a 9-track album, called “23 Winters.” The artist then released 5 more singles, “No Lie”, “Tendencies”, ”Essential”, “Green”, and “Grave Shift”. BODA’s latest project, “Demons.” The 9-track album is currently the artist’s highest streamed song across all platforms.

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