Acclaimed Guitarist Dillan Dostál Announces New Solo Project

The former Drugstore Gypsies member is set to release new music underneath the name Starliner

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(Los Angeles, CA) July 23, 2020 -- After years of touring as a guitarist and member of The Drugstore Gypsies, Dillan Dostál has set out on a new path as a solo artist. Now to be known by his artist name Starliner, the talented musician has stepped into 2020 with a fresh, new sound and loads of potential.

Starliner grew up listening to classic rock, listening to everything from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin, from Def Leppard to the Rolling Stones, from Pink Floyd to The Beatles. In recent years, however, he’s branched out into different genres and has especially gravitated towards more pop music. Now, Starliner’s sound is a blend of his roots in rock n’ roll with his love for pop melodies and his newfound appreciation for synths and electronic music. 

His upcoming single, “Never Satisfied,” is an exciting mixture of his musical influences and is the perfect kickoff track for his new project. The song is about the motivation and desire to keep working towards your dreams.

Starliner says, “It’s really about the human experience, just always wanting more and working hard to get it.” The single will be available on August 14th.

Starliner is also gearing up to release his first solo EP, 20/20. The EP is produced by Starliner himself, with mixing done by UK-based producer Nigel Butler. Starliner also plays all instruments on the EP except for drums, which were performed by Rey Chapa.

“I wanted to combine the things I love about concept albums with the things I love about 3-minute pop songs,” Starliner says. “It feels natural to listen to this EP start to finish, but the songs also stand on their own, individually.”


You can follow Starliner on Instagram to stay tuned to his upcoming activities.

About Starliner

Dillan Dostál, known by his artist name Starliner, is based in Houston, Texas. From a young age, he’s been glued to the guitar, gravitating towards rock music especially. He’s been touring in bands ever since. Most recently, he was a member of The Drugstore Gypsies, a touring rock band featured in publications like Rolling Stone. This year, he has several new music releases on the way, starting with the single “Never Satisfied.” Later this year, he’s also set to drop his first solo EP, 20/20.

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