Upcoming Artist, Davon!, Releases Heartfelt Debut Single, Personal

Personal Available Now on All Major Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) August 14, 2020 -- Davon! is set to release his earnest debut single, “Personal.” 

“Personal” is an empowering, upbeat anthem about healing and freedom. Davon! assures listeners that their happiness shouldn’t rely on others, but on yourself. You can choose not to focus on those who have hurt you in the past. True happiness comes from within. 

Davon! says, "I really hope that 'Personal' empowers people in the way that it empowers me. No matter who hurt you, whether it was a friend, a girlfriend or boyfriend, or even a family member, it's important to pick yourself up and realize your worth. Surround yourself with positivity, and don't allow those negative influences to purge you of your joy."

Inspiration for the song came from growing up in the Jehovah’s Witness religion, and his experience after leaving. In November 2018, Davon! and his immediate family decided to leave the faith, knowing their closest family and friends would shun them. “Personal” was a healing experience from the treatment he received from his once inner circle. 

“Personal” is available on all major platforms. Follow Davon! on Instagram for more information.

About Davon!

Despite a strict religious upbringing, Davon! grew up with a love for music. From dancing around with no music playing to writing his first song at age 10, Davon!’s dream has always been to be a singer. He continued to pursue his dream by writing songs all throughout his childhood, even though he knew his religion wouldn’t allow a career in music. When Davon! and his immediate family left the religious organization in 2018, he was free to finally pursue his passion for music more seriously, and had the support of his family to help on his journey.

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