Budding New Midwestern Rapper Peat Lynch Drops Second Album, Floodwall

Floodwall Available Now on All Major Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) October 13, 2020 -- Peat Lynch, an up and coming rapper from Ohio, dropped his second project, an album titled Floodwall. The release follows his debut album, Dolla 6ix.

Nicknamed “Tha Midwest Kidd”, Peat Lynch’s newest album, Floodwall not only brings a voice to the midwest but also shares a fresh new sound sure to put Ohio on the map. Floodwall, the 7-track album, delivers straight forward lyrics, as Peat reflects on the life of a 21-year-old phenom. 

Feature tracks on the album include: “No Fear”, “Down tha Road”, an uptempo rhythm about life in his hometown, Columbus. “No Fear” was written to inspire confidence in others and myself; to impulsively do things, leaving fear as a secondary emotion. We all fall down, but “Down tha Road”, the ultimate Ohio anthem, is an inspirational song we can celebrate once we stand back up. “Floodwall”, a smooth track to end the album with a final reminder that Peat came out on the other side of adversity and his listeners can too. 

Floodwall is available now on all major platforms. Follow Peat Lynch on Instagram to stay updated on all his upcoming activities.

About Peat Lynch

Emerging from the bustling city of Columbus, Ohio, Peat Lynch is a rapper eager to make a name for himself. Peat laid down his first verse when he was 15, rapping with his friends just having fun. It wasn’t until he was 18 that he started taking it more seriously and he spent a couple years honing in his sound. He was inspired by the way today’s biggest names in hip-hop have pushed boundaries in their music. As a result, Peat’s music uses unfiltered avenues to express what’s really going on in his heart and mind. By the time he was 20, he had established a unique sound and dropped a mixtape on SoundCloud, which received a lot of positive feedback. The mixtape was just a starting point for Peat Lynch though. Although he was happy with his first mixtape, he wanted to go farther and do better. A year later he released his latest project, Floodwall. His fresh take on rap may just put himself and his hometown on the map.

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