Leah L'eCole Releases Music Video for Single, Twisted

Twisted Available Now on All Major Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) October 16, 2020 -- Atlanta-based artist, Leah L’eCole, releases new music video for recent hip-hop/pop single, “Twisted”.


“Twisted” is a woman’s anthem inviting listeners to dance and move their hips. The song signals a time for Leah when she was fed up with the disappointment of her exes and relying on the support of her closest friends.

Leah shares her support for women all over. She says, “we gotta stick together out here because being in relationships sometimes can be traumatizing, I  know that’s a little dramatic but for some people that’s what it is. We watch our confidence be torn down and apart and we are left to pick up all the pieces when the person we loved or cared about leaves.”

The music video “Twisted” is available now on YouTube, and Spotify. Leah L'eCole on Instagram to keep up with future releases and other activities.

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