Electronic Producer Gual Releases Joyful New Self-Titled Album

Gual Available Now on All Major Platforms 

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(Los Angeles, CA) October 21, 2020 -- Gual is set to release a self-titled electro album. The album release follows the recent single release of “Alright”. 

Gual is a 10-track album, which serves as an introduction of all the work Gual has done over the last year and a half. While the tracks are mostly original dance tracks, there is one cover, “Boogie Oogie Oogie”. Made as a tribute to the musical group, A Taste of Honey, Gual breathes new life into a beloved classic. 

Highlight tracks on the self-titled album are: "Can You Feel It", featuring soulful vocals and upbeat rhythms, with old school funk vibes. “Get Down”, a nu-disco dance track blending retro-style funk with today's electronic sound and adds complimentary soulful female vocals. "Feel Good", more of a bass-heavy track that is a beautiful combination of future house with nu-disco.

When describing his creative process, Gual says, “I try to record something new every day, depending on how I’m feeling – kind of like a musical diary entry of my day. If I’m in a silly mood one day I may write a funky bass riff. Maybe the next day I’m feeling a bit more energetic so I write an intense drum beat, or a mesmerizing synth arp, or whatever.” After going through a metamorphosis, his music becomes a summary of his emotions at the time of production. It’s these emotions Gual hopes to share with audiences in each track.

Gual is available now on all major platforms. Visit Gual’s website for more information. 

About Gual

Gual has had dreams of being a rock star since he was a young boy. He began taking professional guitar lessons, honing his skills, and reaching a deeper level of passion for the music. He joined his first band in high school, called Fly By Night, then joined a few other bands before landing in a couple of alt-rock bar-bands, The Uninvited & Numb. During this time, Gual was also pursuing new, unique sounds in his spare time, and after purchasing a Korg M1 synthesizer, his music was forever changed. It was through this experience and others like it that Gual started to become the artist/producer he is today. His current sound can be described as “electro-based-audio entertainment” and would likely fit into the EDM/Dance genres.

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