The Infamous King of Positivity Releases New EP, RADICALIZE

RADICALIZE Available on All Streaming Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) November 20 2020 -- New York hip-hop artist, The Infamous King of Positivity, also known as I.K.P., drops a new EP titled RADICALIZE to show listeners how he’s evolved into the person he is today. This EP is the first set of songs from I.K.P.’s upcoming 4th full-length LP.

RADICALIZE was made in a way for old and new listeners to enjoy at their own pace. Since  I.K.P.’s last release in 2015, he’s been faced with many challenges and experiences - from dealing with multiple sclerosis, homelessness, heartbreaks, and depression - all while battling addiction and trying to break away from unhealthy habits.

I.K.P. says, “I eventually reconnected with my spirituality and with my heritage and since then, I've opened up about my struggles, sought therapy, told my family and have been trying to make peace with a lot of that trauma.” Audiences of RADICALIZE can listen through the process of healing and letting go of past trauma. 

RADICALIZE is available now on all major platforms. Follow I.K.P. on Instagram for new projects.

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