itsENJ Releases Debut EP, Born On The Moon

Born On The Moon Available Now on All Major Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) November 24, 2020 --- itsENJ, a Bronx-based Afropop/Afro-soul musical group, releases their debut EP, Born On The Moon. This project follows the recent release of “Moonside”, the single and music video.

In March 2020, itsENJ traveled to their birthplace, Nigeria,  to film a new music video. However, when the coronavirus pandemic hit, they had to quarantine in the country for 5 months. After living in New York for the last 12 years, it was difficult for them to acclimate back to life in Nigeria. 

In Born On The Moon, the duo reflects on the time they spent in their birthplace and the alienation they felt trying to reconnect to their roots after a long absence. When asked about their experience, itsENJ says, “the trip home was so eye-opening and inspirational because we witnessed first-hand what the people living in Nigeria have to do to survive in a corrupt system.” There’s no steady electricity, bad roads, unstable currency, college grads cannot find work which forced people into criminal activities out of desperation. The 7-track EP touches on these experiences in the production, lyrics, and groove. Although it is their birthplace, itsENJ refer to Nigeria as “the moon”, because of how foreign the land and culture seemed to them.

itsENJ fell victim to these corrupt systems and were constantly reminded that "things are different on this side" when interacting with the Nigerian natives. It was through these unexpected experiences that the EP, Born On The Moon, was created. 

Born On The Moon is available now on all major platforms. itsENJ is also releasing limited-edition merchandise in correlation with the upcoming EP available on their website.

About ItsENJ

itsENJ consists of Chimdi & OTITO, aka “The DAPPER DUO”. These two brothers have hit the entertainment scene with their versatile and unique musical styles. As Nigerian immigrants and Bronx residents, itsENJ draws its influences from a melting pot of cultures, including African, Caribbean, and Hispanic, to name a few. Their unique background and openness to global music influence put itsENJ on the cutting edge of versatility and individuality. They are known for their well-rounded skill sets as songwriters, music producers, recording/performing artists, and creative directors. Chimdi & OTITO even started a production company, ENJ Productions, currently with an extensive client list.

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