Live Vinyl Showcases Latest Single, Get Out Party Today

Get Out Party Today Now Available on All Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) December 8, 2020 -- Live Vinyl shares their latest single, “Get Out Party Today”, in anticipation of their upcoming EP, “Living in the 2020s”.

“Get Out Party Today” looks forward to a post-COVID world, and the positive change that will come once the pandemic ends. The upbeat melodies in the song parallel the bliss people will feel when they are able to “go out and party” again. Live Vinyl encourages everyone to look ahead with “Get Out Party Today” to a time when we will be able to go to live performances, rejoice, and dance together again. 

“Get Out Party Today” and “Rock You Through the Night”, two singles released from the upcoming EP have done well, receiving a combined 30k monthly streams thus far. “Rock You Through the Night” won a free podcast play with Bree Nobles’ Woman of Substance Radio.

Live Vinyl is planning on releasing their EP, Living in the 2020s, early next year telling the story of living through this past year and the upcoming decade.

“Get Out Party Today” is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Visit Live Vinyl’s website or follow them on Facebook to keep up with upcoming releases and more information. 

About Live Vinyl

Live Vinyl is a New York-based band that is in the genre of rock, pop, a little R&B. The fusion of these popular genres creates a unique, yet familiar sound for any music fan. Their musical style is a blend between 60’s and 2000’s with an emphasis on live music performance sound. Members include Grace Nazario (vocal), Peter Mormoris (guitar production), David Karp (guitar vocal harp), Joe D’Agostino (bass), Ronnie DiRusso (vocal keys), Michael Felice (drums), Jon Paul Montavlo (percussion).

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