Rapper Losk33 Collabs with Foogiano on His Latest Track, Lord Have Mercy

Lord Have Mercy Available Now on All Major Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) December 16, 2020 -- Losk33, Virginia rapper, releases his latest single, “Lord Have Mercy” featuring Foogiano.

Losk33’s bangers are and self-named “testimonial turn up” for their real-life lyrics and upbeat melodies. “Lord Have Mercy” is no different as Losk33 and Foogiano spit out energetic lines, all while keeping it real.

Losk33 grew up learning how to master several different instruments after joining a band. The more he pursued music the more he loved it. After seeing his cousin rap, Losk33 soon discovered he had a natural proclivity for cinematically rhyming words with passion, detail, and a hefty dose of relatable realism. And from there, a career was born.

“Lord Have Mercy” is available now on Spotify, YouTube, and all other major platforms. Follow Losk33 on Instagram to stay updated on hot tracks and more.

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