Noor Drops Latest Single and Music Video, Blue Jay

Blue Jay Available Now on All Streaming Platforms

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(Los Angeles, CA) December 18, 2020 -- Chicago-based hip-hop artist, Noor releases a new single and music video, “Blue Jay''. 

“Blue Jay'' shares Noor’s journey of healing from past traumas and hardships to evolve into your truest self. It's a fun, upbeat pop type track, giving off a carefree vibe to escape from all your worries and to free yourself for happiness. 

The music video to “Blue Jay” is now on YouTube

With “Blue Jay”s positive perspective and upbeat music, the music video for the track is equally affirming. From scenery to color scheme to mood, Noor’s latest music video is sure to transform self-reflection journeys and evolutions.

There were a lot of bumps in the road that delayed the music video release but in true “Blue Jay” form, Noor and the other talented individuals who worked on this video persevered, bringing it to life.

Since 2013, Noor’s mission has been to advance hip-hop while breaking the stigma of Islam no matter what hurdles lie ahead. Noor says, "the blue jay itself is an example of this and a symbol of curiosity, intelligence, and fearlessness; 3 crucial traits I believe are needed to free yourself from the obstacles of life. I've had my share of bigotry brought onto me and it has only made me want to let everyone know that Muslims aren't the people that they think we are.” He’s currently an artist to watch out for!

“Blue Jay” is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow Noor on Instagram or visit his website to keep up with his latest projects

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