Marty Crown Releases Newest Single, “Queen of Sadness”

Queen of Sadness Available Now On All Streaming Platforms 

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(Los Angeles, CA) January 12, 2021 -- Marty Crown releases pop single, “Queen of Sadness''. The track was produced by Alexis Rodriguez and released under Silver Gun Records. 

“Queen of Sadness” starts with smooth and organic instrumentation and then suddenly drops into a bouncing electronic beat. Throughout these contrasting sections, Marty's vocals are alluring and her shifting timbres will give the listener chills.

Marty, a Kazakh immigrant, opens up about what it's like to start a new journey in the United States and describes her roots through this exotic single. In “Queen of Sadness”, Marty showcases her familiarity with nomadic tribes and pays homage to her homeland through smooth tunes and electronic beats.

“Queen of Sadness” is available now on all major platforms. Follow Marty Crown on Instagram to keep up with her latest projects. 

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