Will Francis Delivers Genre-Defying Album, “The Best Of...”

“The Best Of...” is Available Now on All Major Platforms

(Los Angeles, CA) May 14, 2021 -- Will Francis has released his new album “The Best Of...”. The eclectic new album from the multi-faceted singer/songwriter has something for everyone. Drawing from elements of Hip-Hop, Rock, Country, and Folk, ‘The Best Of…’ delves into themes of self-reflection, loss, resilience, humility, love, a higher power, and more.

‘The Best Of…’ features 12 tracks, each with its own sound and theme. The opener, “Busta U-Turn”, is a West Coast trap banger that reflects on the past. “Turn The Screw” is a pure rock offering, filled with angst and frustration, while “Pink Ribbon” tells the story of close loved ones fighting cancer. As the name would suggest, “Chill With This” is a soothing song filled with instrumentals and a peaceful message. Each track on the album delivers the same degree of uniqueness in tone and meaning. 

Will Francis, also known as “Dolla Bill”, has been writing and performing rock/hip hop music for seven years in North Carolina. He got the nickname "Dolla Bill" from a co-worker that turned him onto freestyling and filling in as an MC. 

‘The Best Of…’ is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow Will Francis on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud for more information and future updates.

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