Pamela Jackson Comes in Hot with Game-Changing Single, “We Are America”

We Are America Available Now on All Major Platforms

(Los Angeles, CA) June 19, 2021 -- “We Are America” adds a project based on love and hope to Pamela Jackson’s portfolio. The Christian music single was produced by Quinton Fashion and Jawuan Ford; rapped by Latarra Nicole and bass accompaniment is by renowned bassist Andrew Gouche.

“We Are America”, her latest single is sure to be radical throughout the music industry. It is full of energy, soul, hip hop, and inspiration with a powerful message of hope and resiliency. 

“We Are America” was written to convey the current reality for African Americans. Pamela says, “this Juneteenth single is an encouragement to remind America that we [African Americans] too have a great part in the building of this nation. Our talents, ingenuity, ideas, and resiliency have helped to shape our country. I Am America, You Are America, We are America.” 

When it comes to music, Pamela is influenced by Aretha Franklin's gospel and Marvin Gaye's prolific messages of social justice and reform. With her soft yet confident steps towards victory, Pamela is sure to make her mark in the music industry.

“We Are America” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major platforms. Follow Pamela Jackson on Facebook for more information.

About Pamela Jackson

Bringing a fresh new wave of “music for the soul”, Pamela Jackson started as a church musician at the young age of 10. Perfecting her music style, Pamela has crossed the horizon to find the sound that suits her best. She has been a music writer since 2000, writing for international artists like Carolyn Traylor and Melba Moore. Pamela has earned a staunch and reputed name in the industry, with her unique music style and perfect understanding of sound and rhythm, which flows smoothly in the songs she creates. Her music is best described as Christian with subtle jazz, hip-hop, and soul feel.

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