YellaCatt Releases Her Latest Masterpiece, “Drums of Fate”

Drums of Fate Available Now on All Major Platforms

(Los Angeles, CA) June 25, 2021 -- Electropop artist YellaCatt has released her latest project, a single titled “Drums of Fate”. The music video is to follow later this year.

“Drums of Fate” is a pop ballad sharing the often unsaid truth that it is never too late to come together in love. Listeners will be compelled to open their ears and hearts to this electropop track. “Drums of Fate” includes a dynamic beat and captivating, heartfelt chorus that all listeners will want to sing along to.

YellaCatt is an electropop songstress hailing from the shores of the Salish Sea. She is a vocalist, sound healer, and visual artist. Along with her producer Jonny Joon, YellaCatt creates sexy electronic sounds with delicious beats, singing new a mythology of creative empowerment into being.

“Drums of Fate” is available now on all major platforms. For more information on YellaCatt visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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