Riku(戮) Releases “The Regret Was Left Behind”

Available Now on All Major Platforms

(Los Angeles, CA) July 7, 2021 - Japanese singer/songwriter Riku (戮) has been the vocalist at the helm of multiple projects throughout his musical career. Now, the talented musician has chosen to forge on as a solo artist, in order to best capture the vision and artistic concepts that speak to his creative viewpoint.

Riku’s (戮) most recent offering is the single “The Regret Was Left Behind”, which chronicles the story of a man who is mourning the loss of a loved one for whom they were unable to be with in their last moments. The lyrical themes of the song find their roots in Riku’s (戮) favorite proverb, “No use crying over spilled milk,” and speaks to the idea that we should make time for the people and things we care for dearly, rather than mourning what could have been when it is too late.

The Regret Was Left Behind” is available now on Spotify. For more information, visit Riku (戮) on Twitter and Instagram.

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