Canadian Rock Band Mercury Messiah releases explosive debut track “Sunlight Surfing”

The Montreal rock band Mercury Messiah is set to excite fans with debut single “Sunlight Surfing” available on all platforms. 

(Los Angeles, CA) August 20th, 2021 – Native Montreal Canada band Mercury Messiah’s debut track titled "Sunlight Surfing" is available on all major platforms on August 20th. “Sunlight Surfing''  infuses a wide spectrum of electric genres through a classic hard rock filter. The single is explosive and dynamic filled with overdriven guitars, soaring melodies, and thunderous drums. Listeners will be magnetized and wanting more.

Known for their versatile rock style, Mercury Messiah’s mutual love for bands like Led Zeppelin, Rush, and The Beatles sparked their friendship and songwriting collaboration. The band was formed by childhood best friends Johnny Dims (vocals) and Mano Diles (guitar) in 2015 and their upcoming EP features tracks written from the ages of 13 through 17 years old. Through the years, the two have cultivated an inseparable bond and were later joined by Alex Brunel (drums) and Corrado Johnston (bass) to complete the band.   

After signing a management deal with former Greta Van Fleet manager Michael Barbee of Dovetail Entertainment, Mercury Messiah is ready to become the next force in the hard rock music scene.    

“Sunlight Surfing”  will be available on all major platforms and fans can pre-save the track beginning August 6th.  

About Mercury Messiah 

Mercury Messiah hails from Montreal Canada. Johnny Dims (vocals) and Mano Diles (guitar) learned and embraced music from an early age and began writing music when they were teenagers.  The two were later joined by Alex Brunel (drums) and Corrado Johnston (bass) to form Mercury Messiah. Poised to carve a path in the music industry, the band’s debut hard rock single “Sunlight Surfing” will command your attention.

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