Travis Cole Releases Latest Single, “You and Me”

(Los Angeles, CA) August 25th, 2021 –  Recording artist and creative entrepreneur Travis Cole released his new single “You and Me” on August 20th. Passionate about music since high school, he began learning guitar and honing his vocal skills. Travis later started his music career and launched his company JayFlight Music.

You and Me” is an upbeat song accompanied by lyrics that will have listeners enticed to sing and dance along.

Travis Cole began his music career helping other musicians. He recently decided to embark on a journey producing and releasing independent music. Originally from Texas, he traveled to Colorado to further his career and study music production. Travis feels it is important to absorb as much music in producing, writing, performing, recording, mixing, mastering, distribution, marketing, and social media in the music industry. Currently, he has several singles in his discography, and an EP is in the making. As an artist, Travis’s original music will take the listener on a sound-enhanced journey of rhythms and melodies sure to command their attention.  

You and Me” is available on Spotify. For more information on Travis Cole visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

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