Multi-talented Robert White sings sweet melodies in his debut track “Candy’’

Recording artist from California Robert White excites fans with his new single, “Candy” available on major platforms. 

(Los Angeles, CA) September 3rd, 2021 – Artist Robert White’s new track titled “Candy” is available on major platforms. Engulfed in feelings of sweetness, love, and euphoria, “Candy” highlights his feelings about his girlfriend the first time he met her. Filled with genuine lyrics and harmonious sounds, fans will gravitate to the single’s good vibe melodies and uplifting tunes. 

Known for his upbeat style, Robert White grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. Not knowing music would become his future career path, he spent most of his young life playing musical video games with his siblings while constantly beatboxing, singing, and rapping.


Crediting music for his increased self-confidence and zest for life, he is passionate about connecting and bringing a positive experience to his fans through live performances. Robert believes performing on stage has increased his passion and love for music while impacting his view on life by demonstrating the power of music. He states, “Life is a blessing that we are all experiencing, and everyone perceives it in different ways. I realized I’d rather be happy than not, so I choose to only do what I love.”

You can find more information about Robert and stream his music here.  

About Robert White


Robert White hails from California. Since childhood, music was instrumental in his life, and five years ago, he decided to pursue a professional music career. After recording his first song in his Grandma’s storage room, he built a home studio and eventually started producing and mixing songs inspired from diverse music genres.  Crediting music for his spiritual journey and artistic growth, Robert’s unique melodies and lyrics will command your attention and set the stage for a long and exciting music career.  

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