Studd Da Kidd Revamps and ReLaunches Record Label "TAMA Industries" Providing Bootcamps And Artist Development

Creative Entrepreneur Studd Da Kidd showcases an innovative mindset with latest record label, management company, festival, and newly signed artists.

(Los Angeles, CA) September 24th, 2021 – Studd Da Kidd's record label "TAMA Industries" is a well-rounded label offering artist boot camps and development. The innovative concept will ignite artist brands while providing career development.  

Known for thinking outside the box, Studd Da Kidd has created a series of creative endeavors to serve the art community. TAMA Industries, is headquartered out of the recently purchased office space at the Century Building in San Antonio, Texas and also houses DRH consulting and the home base for Exposure Explosive Festival, a weekly mix of entertainment, interactive media, and small business marketing that will take place in different cities and states delivering a medium for creatives to present their creativity in an inviting and intriguing setting.  

Destined to become the next sought-after entrepreneur in creative business and community development, Studd Da Kidd is on track to be a force of nature for future visionaries and their projects. 

Additional information about Studd Da Kidd is available on major social media platforms.  

About Studd Da Kidd 

Studd Da Kidd hails from San Antonio, Texas. She has embraced music and the creative industry as an innovator and entrepreneur while endlessly enlarging her business blueprint. Studd's vision and intellect will command your attention and expand artist brands. 

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About AMW Group

AMW Group is an International marketing and entertainment group founded in 1997. They have in their years of existence established a unique and strong business network within the entertainment industry representing a diverse roster of event properties, consumer brands and Grammy Award winning artists.

The company offers a wide range of branding, event, publicity and sponsorship services for national and international clients.