Vanalika Shan Releases New Single,

"(I'm) Crazy"

(Los Angeles, CA) September 24th, 2021 – Vanalika Shan's latest single, "(I'm) Crazy," is available on digital platforms. Vanalika is known for her heartfelt sound, resulting from years of immersing herself in diverse cultures around the globe. Inspired by the Netflix show "You," "(I'm) Crazy" paints love as sinister, hidden behind a whimsical facade complete with dreamy vocals and silky guitar riffs. The song is a euphoric nightmare that begins as a daydream about a particular love interest paired with lyrics that dive deep into love's dynamics, revealing a sudden fall from cloud 9.  

Born in India, she began her musical journey shortly after moving to the United States at three. Later she blossomed, initially singing in the school choir and eventually performing at the Sydney Opera House and with legendary Indian artists. In addition, she performed in high-profile events such as iHeart Radio's Jingle Ball and several TV talk shows. 


Vanalika states, "I want to brighten the world with my music one sunflower at a time," and her unique sound depicts this positive energy. Influenced by her musical studies in the United States, India, and Australia, while drawing freely from American pop music and Indian classical, Vanalika Shan has an irresistible style all her own. With heartwarming songs and a captivating personality, she is destined to find a place in the heart of music fans worldwide. 


For more information on Vanalika Shan and to stream her music, visit her website.  

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