Hamid J Releases Latest Single, "Nothin’ Perfect 2 Say"

(Los Angeles, CA) September 29th, 2021 – Los Angeles-based emerging singer and songwriter Hamid J is making waves in the music industry with his latest track, "Nothin’ Perfect 2 Say." Inspired by life experiences and the dynamic of a forced break-up, the song reveals the story of a relationship where one person has checked out, leaving the other with no closure. Waiting for the right time to get clarity, the other person searches for the right words, concluding that there is "Nothin’ Perfect 2 Say."

Known for his unparalleled sound and style, Hamid seeks to create music that uplifts and connects people worldwide with pop melodies, heavy beats, and 80's inspired rhythms that showcase his desire and ability to push the envelope. 

Influenced by the sounds of George Michael, Madonna, and Michael Jackson and with a goal to resurrect crafted songwriting, he has a vision of becoming a 21st-century music icon that pays homage to pop artists who have inspired him to be the most authentic version of himself. Seasoned, talented, and a music force in the making, he is set to take the stage live and bring his addictive hooks and magnetic harmonies to your eardrum infused with the message of hope and passion. 

For more information on Hamid J and to hear the "Nothin’ Perfect 2 Say," visit his website and streaming platforms. 

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