Tender Youth - ‘Tender Youth’ EP

(Los Angeles, CA) November 8, 2021 - Copenhagen-based shoegaze-meets-post-punk quartet Tender Youth bring an unfettered and chaotic sincerity on their self-titled debut EP. The group, which consists of four high school students, delivers a power punch of noisy soundscapes and heartfelt prose to their first record. With lyrics that seek to grapple with the societal pressures and unhealthy standards that today’s youthful generation faces, Tender Youth aspires to break those chains with an unbridled energy that drowns out the false gods with nerve-piercing angst.

Starting out in 2018, the band forged their sonic footprint by playing several shows at venues throughout the area. Their mission would find focus through these experiences; aiming to jostle audiences out of their idle states and into a deliberately provoked frenzy where nothing needs to be held back. Fans will hear this same energy injected into the heartbeat of ‘Tender Youth’, which was produced by Sylvester Struckmann and recorded at Grapehouse Studios in Copenhagen.

Looking back on the recording process for their first record, the band says, “A few days before we were going to the studio, we were told that our session had been reduced to a single day. Because of this, we decided to record the whole EP live in one day, which sparked an urgent and intense atmosphere in the studio.” They go on to elaborate, “It actually helped create the urgency and live feeling that we were striving for, which also matches the lyrical universe explored on the EP.”

Tender Youth’s self-titled debut EP was released October 29, 2021 on major streaming platforms.

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