Steph Lyon releases his 3rd EP that highlights his signature drill sound and positive approach to life titled "Keep It Moving."

Steph Lyon sets a positive tone and vibe with his latest EP, "Keep It Moving." 

(Los Angeles, CA) December 17th, 2021 – Ottawa Canada-based artist Steph Lyon's latest, "Keep It Moving," is available on major platforms. "Keep It Moving" sets the tone for positivity and a mindful way of life. Throughout the EP, Steph's message of releasing negativity and embracing your authentic self is constant and uplifting. Known for his drill sound, which he effortlessly infuses into the tracks, Steph Lyon's latest is original and sure to set eardrums on fire. 

Raised in Athy, Ireland, and later moving to Dublin, Ireland, Steph Lyon began his music career in 2017 with the release of several tracks and an unofficial EP, "Lyon Galaxy." He and his team later moved to Ottawa, Canada, where he currently resides. Disciplined and focused on his music throughout his career,  he released one mixtape titled "WORLD dRIP," based on his melodic trap sounds and features two music videos Astroworld & FashioNova. "WORLD dRIP" is also his highest streaming product, with over 56K streams and rising. Along with "WORLD dRIP," his previous EP titled "LIBRA CHILD," named after his zodiac sign, was released on his 21st birthday and has over 50K streams. "LIBRA CHILD" is his most personal project to date, revealing unique things about his music lifestyle. 

His latest, "Keep It Moving" is available on major platforms.  

About Steph Lyon

Steph Lyon believes his time should not be spent negatively or listening to people bash his art and has no time for people who are fake or trying to use him. He took to the studio and used his creative musical talent to record his latest EP, "Keep It Moving," which focuses on his mindful living approach to life. He hopes to encourage others to be who they are and disregard all those who might not agree or speak negatively about one’s journey. 

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