Versal releases his latest, "Versal Volume 2," a hybrid of an orchestral and electronic instrumental album.

Javier Velez, professionally known as Versal, releases an orchestral influenced multi-genre album, "Versal Volume 2."  

(Los Angeles, CA) December 19th, 2021 – Houston, Texas-based composer Javier Velez's latest, "Versal Volume 2," is a hybrid instrumental and soul-soothing album sure to please listeners. Ambient and uplifting in nature, the 8-track project’s rhythmic sounds and soothing arrangements are healing while transporting listeners to a world of instrumental pleasure that is certainly to be on a variety of playlists. 

Javier Velez comes from an extensive music background. He plays a wide range of musical instruments such as the flute, trombone, classical guitar, piano, trumpet, and organ; and started composing at the age of 13 and had his first recording studio experience at the age of 14. By 20, he was conducting and arranging a handbell choir in Puerto Rico and set to pave his way in the music industry. 

"Versal Volume 2" stuns with a variety of sounds ranging from peaceful romantic, to abrasive brass parts featured on Kind of Pink and The Guardians of Montserrat and is infused with classical and meditative influences sure to expose listeners to a wide arrange of genres free of limitations. Produced in Javier's home studio and on his grand piano, the album magnificently keeps an overall tone while varying from piece to piece.

‘’Versal Volume 2’’ is available on all major music platforms including Spotify, YouTube. Visit Versal’s website to learn more about his endeavors.

About Versal

Javier Velez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and composes music without lyrics. He has also worked on film and documentary projects as a director, director of photography, editor, composer, sound design, CGI artist, colorist, and dialogue editor and designs. In addition, Javier creates the artwork for his albums, including the logo, type font, and concept. He loves orchestral music from all periods and various genres, including pop. Javier believes that in its purest form, musical abstraction transcends languages, borders, cultures, ages, race, thus uniting us all and making music truly uniVersal. His goal is to compose and produce music that combines multiple genres, instruments, and techniques to convey the joy of living that comes with it. Javier concludes music is ultimately an abstraction, and adding lyrics only defeats the purpose. Javier states, "It's like looking at a Jackson Pollock painting or a beautiful landscape; no need to define or explain what it is, it just is."  

I hope this music brings you as much joy as it has brought me to compose and produce it. May all beings be joyful!” - Versal

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