Tarah Who? Announces the Upcoming Music Video of Their New Track “Push Me”

(Los Angeles, CA) December 30th, 2021 – After releasing the newest track, “Push Me,” LA-based rock duo Tarah Who? discloses the release of the much-anticipated music video on January 28, 2022. Tarah Who? is known for its unorthodox and non-conformist tone, and “Push Me” is their latest to communicate that message. 

Inspired by the 2020 Grammy’s, Tarah realized that the entire rock category and performances were absent on live TV. Feeling that female rock bands are currently overlooked in the music industry, Tarah set out and joined forces with the Brazilian rock duo, Yur Mum. Based in the UK, Anelise Kunz (bass/vocals) and Fabio Couto (drums/backing vocals) sent their track to Tarah and Coralie, which lead to a powerful and bold collaboration. 

Influenced by the journey of independent artists, women in rock music, and musicians who struggle to keep their passion going despite obstacles, Tarah Who? wanted to write a song that is meaningful to both bands and all of the hard-working, independent musicians trying to get attention and the honor of winning a Grammy award. Tarah shares, “Our journey is different from the ones who have “made it.” Our definition of success also is on a different level that we cannot compare, but we are not gratified publicly. Our main victory is the fact that we are still doing what we love, we play music that we wrote, and our fans love us for who we are and our originality. If one of us, independent rock band or female-fronted rock band can ever make it to the Grammys, it will for sure, change the music industry.”

Visit Tarah Who?’s YouTube channel for Push Me’s music video set to release on January 28. In the meantime, the track is available on all major music platforms, including Spotify and SoundCloud. Make sure to follow Tarah Who? and Yur Mum to know more about their upcoming endeavors. 

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