Banjii and Mayuri Announce Their Seven-Part Video Series, "Uncommon Love Story"

Launching under Kahani Records, Banjii and Mayuri allure the audience with their acoustic music along with appealing videos, promoting healing, transformation, and love.

(Los Angeles, CA) January 20th, 2022 – Hailing from Georgia, award-winning music duo Banjii and Mayuri announce the release of "Uncommon Love Story," a compilation of original songs, with each track telling a unique story but linking cohesively with the other. Every song is accompanied by music videos shot in different scenic locations across the United States while diving deeper into the minds, spirits, and lives of Banjii and Mayuri. 

The seven-part video series "Uncommon Love Story" loosely follows the eastern concept of the seven chakras, which are centers of spiritual power in the human body. The first song, which premiered on September 29, "Copper Lines," focuses on the first and root chakra, representing survival and grounding. While the second song, "Ancient Lover" released on November 19, focuses on the second and sacral chakra, expressing sensuality. Finally, the third song, "Gaslighted" is similar to the third and solar plexus chakra, exploring raw human emotionality. 

Banjii and Mayuri follow the flow of their day-to-day lives when choosing the filming location for their videos, and each video tells a powerful story. Filmed at the site of their wedding in Arizona, the first video, "Copper Lines," highlights their marriage ceremony, which was planned in 48 hours with the help of an elopement company in Sedona. Although initially in Sedona, to celebrate the harvest moon, the song's impetus, timing, and synchronicity seemed fitting to celebrate and shoot at the location that was the inspiration for the music.

"Ancient Lover," the second song featured on the album, explores their love story, a story of neighbors who met and eventually fell in love during the pandemic. The video features California spots the two explored during their honeymoon. 

Finally, the third and most recent release, "Gaslighted," infuses a new dimension to their storytelling by adding Banjii's children, Edwin and William. The song follows the journey of Edwin’s toy llama across the landscapes of Georgia. Edwin and his llama, accompanied by Banjii and Mayuri and big brother William are on a mission to find his llama a new home.

The future episodes are expected to be released over eight months. The locations are yet-to-be-announced, building high anticipation from fans and music critics. Different topics such as letting go of societal expectations, finding your power and freedom, navigating through life changes, and evolving to the next level will be explored. 

"Gaslighted" is available on major music platforms including YouTube. Visit their website and Instagram to learn more about their upcoming endeavors. 

About Banjii and Mayuri 

Banjii is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from the mountains of Georgia, with four successful albums in his portfolio (published as Jason Kenney). Mayuri is an Indian classical dancer and a business strategy expert with nearly a decade of experience advising Fortune 500 companies. They met during the pandemic in 2019 and naturally allowed their relationship to progress over time, taking shape through their passion for songwriting. They also founded the independent record label and production company Kahani Records. Banjii and Mayuri are taking off quickly in the music industry, receiving a tremendous outpour of support from independent film and music festivals worldwide. In just the first 45 days of “Copper Lines” release, they were given prestigious awards at Tracks Music Award, Jaipur International Film Festival, India, and Hong Kong World. International Music Video Underground awarded them “The Best Band.” They were also a finalist at Oniros Film New York and Cannes World.

They believe in living their life to their full potential by surpassing stereotypes and expressing themselves freely and fully. They hope to inspire others to do the same. Mayuri shares, “Together we can surpass systems, borders, boundaries, stereotypes, expectations, obligations that are holding us back from reaching our full potential as individuals and as a society. While we know this conceptually, sometimes this is hard to apply practically. We believe in being the example by living the example.”

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