Joseph Pagano Airs His Unfettered Emotion in the Latest Track, "Damned."

(Los Angeles, CA) January 20th, 2022 – Fresh out of the oven, Joseph Pagano Band offers the latest creation, "Damned," on all major music platforms. Featuring creative and entertaining hooks, this five-minute indie-rock production was completed during COVID. Beginning with the line, ''I was looking for something I wanted to be, I was looking for someone just like me,'' the track delivers profound and expressive prose that connects straight away with the listeners on a different level. The powerful intro then builds up to the chorus and relatable lyrics such as, “I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t, damned if I will, damned if I won’t.

Critically-acclaimed Joseph Pagano is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey whose latest track "Damned" follows previous acclaimed singles such as "Take Me" (2020) and "More Friends In Heaven (Than in Hell)" (2017). Previous EPs "Graveyard of Dreams" and "Time and Colors" paved the way for his nod as the #1 featured artist on WOA Records Independent #1's Volume 8. And his distinctive and high-quality sounds landed him in the top 5 radio play on WGLS-FM NJ USA and the top 20 in 2 other markets. 

One of Joseph's greatest inspirations was completing a 22 performance 3-state USA tour in December 2016. He also credits his pre-covid performances in New York, Las Vegas, and Chicago as career highlights. His music reflects his authentic nature and consists of all original tracks written, arranged, recorded, produced, and mastered in his studio in New Jersey, with the latest record ‘’Damned’’ being mixed and mastered by Audio Mixing Mastering in the Netherlands. To add to his accolades, Joseph plays guitar, ukulele, bass, keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines. He has also attended the Grammy Awards 2020 in Los Angeles as a fourth-year voting academy member. 

"Damned" is now streaming everywhere, including Spotify. For more information on Joseph Pagano Band, visit the website and Instagram handle.

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