GK Leonitis delivers raw lyrics and magnetic sounds with his latest track, "Pressure."

GK Leonitis’ confidence and tireless determination are revealed in "Pressure."

(Los Angeles, CA) February 4, 2022 – Promising recording artist GK Leonitis delivers euphoric and fresh track, "Pressure," on major platforms. Inspired by the pursuit of fast cars, diamonds, and the luxurious life, GK delivers an honest single that will cement him as one of this year's exciting up-and-coming talents.  

The release of "Pressure" follows the unstoppable success of "Aqua," which delivered a raw and sexy toast to the finer things in life. Thrilling, unapologetic, and authentic, "Pressure" makes it known that time is money and money is time. 

Recorded at AweSomLife Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, and centered around hip-hop artists' lifestyle and authentic confidence, GK's lyrics keep it real while highlighting the depths of his musical influences. Written by GK and produced by Juberlee the mastermind behind "Playboi Carti - Slay3r" for Playboi Carti album "Whole Lotta Red."  "Pressure" packs eardrums with magnetic beats, infectious sounds, and original lyrics.

With street credibility and its memorable hooks, "Pressure" anchors GK Leonitis in the hip-hop world positioning him to join the ranks of music's greatest hip-hop artists. His goal of producing songs that speak to eardrums while revealing his relentless determination signifies that he will never settle for anything other than greatness in his music career.  

"Pressure" is available on Spotify. For additional information visit Instagram and YouTube.   

About GK Leonitis

Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, GK Leonitis comes from a legendary local rap label called “A-State Hustlaz" and was later managed by Yandy Smith. He released several songs and videos over the past years. When he’s not in the studio, making beats, or writing lyrics, he enjoys fine dining, expensive champagne, and spending time with his family. His music is unpredictable, stimulating, and the soundtrack into the depths of his tireless determination. As a highly acclaimed producer and writer, GK Leonitis' music will hypnotize and keep listeners craving more.

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