Cory Driscoll weaves a tale of hope sought and found with his latest album, "Eureka Springs."

Cory Driscoll invites us on a journey to a sacred place, “Eureka Springs.” 

(Los Angeles, CA) March 18th, 2022 – Jacksonville-based singer-songwriter Cory Driscoll releases a nine-track full-length conceptual album entitled "Eureka Springs," which tells the story of a father’s  journey to  America's heartland in search of redemption and understanding. "Eureka Springs" follows Driscoll's 2018 EP "Tropical Depression,” and will be celebrated by the video premiere of standout track, "Ahead Of My Heels" on March 25th, 2022. 

Looking for a creative outlet during quarantine, Cory composed the album collaboratively with nine of his old musician buddies from across the United States.  The full-length LP was recorded separately in each of the nine's respective spaces and constructed stem by stem via file-sharing. Each song was built in a different order of input from the members creating a diverse array of sound throughout the album. “Eureka Springs” begins in a tropical setting and gradually moves west toward a more delta sound and then onto the mountain range, where it is a blend of modern country-folk psychedelia. Cory states, "We set out to traverse the country from the coast to the heartland of the US through the movement of the record from song to song. That was the thread we followed throughout the composition process." 

Plentiful with metaphor, the album title "Eureka Springs"  is named after a town directly on top of a rich natural water source in Arkansas. There are twenty-six springs in the two square miles that make up the town. Before colonial settlement, the place was of significant importance to the Native American tribes in the area, each agreeing that there was to be no fighting in this sacred place. Later it became a stop on the Trail of Tears, providing temporary refuge to the people being displaced. During the western expansion, this land in Arkansas was deeded to a doctor who turned it into a health tourist destination promising the water's healing power after "miracles" occurred. Cory states, "The history of the land made me feel very connected to the place and the mythical nature of the life-giving spring… it’s rife with poetic language."

"Eureka Springs" is a nine-song, 33-minute album currently available on major music platforms, including Spotify. In April, a limited run of 300 pressed vinyl will be available through Long Jump Records. To learn more about Cory's upcoming endeavors, visit his Instagram.  

About Cory Driscoll

Cory has been writing songs for twenty years. His first releases were folk songs on tape. He formed the post-punk band Curious Animals in Tallahassee, Florida, active from 2008-2011, followed by the post-rock band Young Adult active from 2012-2016. In 2018 Cory released his first self-titled EP, "Tropical Depression." The seven-song album is a narrative about a family forming and falling apart over a rained-out vacation. "Tropical Depression" was followed by the 2020 production of "Family Threads," a mixed-media performance weaving dance and poetry to a score by Severed+Said. In 2021 Cory produced Kevin PM's "Fondly" EP followed by Bad Madonna's "Velvet Glove" EP out in 2022.

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