Uprising artist Psyclo releases her latest track and music video, "Trephination."

Psyclo exposes deep and dark vulnerabilities with her latest single, "Trephination."

(Los Angeles, CA) April 1st, 2022 – Los Angeles-based Psyclo's latest single "Trephination" is available on all major platforms. Untamed and poetic, "Trephination" is the lead single from her upcoming EP, "Slaughter House." The track and music video reveal Psyclo's struggle with guilt, inner thoughts, death, hurt, and the human brain's functionality. 

Using music and lyrics as escapism therapy, "Trephination" exposes Psyclo's deep, dark, and complex feelings. The track is a vessel for healing and a means for listeners to escape reality for a few minutes. Finding solace in singing and songwriting, Psyclo states, "I feel guilty that I want to forget about all my problems for a moment. I feel guilty when I'm stuck in a downward spiral. I feel guilty when I sleep too much but can't get out of bed."  

After stepping away from video production projects for a while, Psyclo ventured behind the camera to release "Trephination's" music video simultaneously with the track. She explains, "Actually, it felt pretty good and during the production, I was reminded how passionate I was towards filmmaking." Unfortunately, this was not always the scenario. In the past, she started to hate working in film because human beings would be all that she dealt with. Psyclo states, "But still towards the end of the shooting day, I just wanted to go back to my home studio, sit in front of my computer by myself, making music with no other humans involved."

Raw, uncensored, and revealing, "Trephination" is available on major platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. For more information about Psyclo, visit Instagram


About Psyclo 

Born in Yingkou, China, Psyclo considers music her therapy and plays with sound and uncensored lyrics to work through complex feelings. Psyclo states, "Making music is my therapy, my only way to escape, a way to heal. I want my people to feel that they're not alone." The relief she finds in music inspires her to continue writing and singing with the hopes that the listeners will find a sense of comfort in this lonely world. With eyes on the present and what is to come, Psyclo is determined to make it till the end. 

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