Bramses Xalyxys reveals a world of mystery and cosmic wonders with his new EP "Mysterious Warrior."

Bramses Xalyxys takes listeners on a planetary journey with his latest EP, "Mysterious Warrior."

(Los Angeles, CA) April 11, 2022 - Screenwriter and musician Bramses Xalyxys takes music enthusiasts, and the fantasy thrilled on a journey through the cosmos with his latest, "Mysterious Warrior." The EP carries out his intention of creating something similar to an audiobook through music.

"Mysterious Warrior" mixes music and screenwriting, enabling listeners to understand the characters and their stories. In addition, the EP offers a mini-series narrated by sound that entertains and creates a fantasy-filled environment full of adventure. The album reveals the story's protagonist and planet Vortuxs while including a collectors edition image of the character. The EP will also highlight additional characters such as antagonists, evil bosses, and villains in the series. As part of a three-part EP series, one character will be the primary focus of each album. 

Taking place on the planet Vortuxs, "Mysterious Warrior" is about an army of dragon wolves called Jagred and Jaet, the first leader of Vortuxs. Jaet desires to meet the other half of dragon wolves with the hope to unite the two and create "T.A.O.T.B.D.W." The main objective of the leader of Vortuxs is to defend his planet, firmly maintain the legacy of his ancestors, and learn the identity of the planet's creator. Filled with compelling characters and storylines, "Mysterious Warrior" emphasizes the planetary location and creatures while keeping listeners intrigued and captivated. 

Bramses Xalyxys is a composer, arranger, songwriter, scriptwriter, and creator of his music and story content. He strives to create several mini-series narrated inside of his music albums. Because of his background in screenwriting and music, he mixed the two to push boundaries and creatively introduce a cinematic approach to the music world. He is dedicated to taking listeners on a journey into unknown galaxy worlds, revealing a planet packed with adventure, mystery, and turmoil. All songs on his albums are dedicated to the characters and their storylines. 

"Mysterious Warrior" is available on all digital platforms and  YouTube. For more information, visit Instagram. 

About Bramses Xalyxys

Bramses Xalyxys picked his artist name from one of the evil characters in his stories. He highlighted the importance of artwork by collaborating with a pioneer video game company "Kevuru Games" to develop and illustrate the character for "Mysterious Warrior."  Different rock and metal genres influence him, and his music also includes a mixture of pop voices with a dash of EDM sounds. Bramses Xalyxys believes music is a creative process. With his passion for screenwriting and sound, he created the action-packed fiction fantasy, "Mysterious Warrior," which is the first installment of several musical albums to follow. 

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