Rising artist Edwrd delivers an unflinchingly honest track, "Dgaf No Mo."

Singer/songwriter Edwrd sings about pain and strength in his debut single, "Dgaf No Mo."

(Los Angeles, CA) April 25, 2022 –  Native Dallas, Texas artist Edwrd's latest single, "Dgaf No Mo" is available on major platforms. "Dgaf No Mo" is a sincere and vulnerable track with a magnetic beat that is certain to elevate the song's lyrical meaning and have fans singing along. 

"Dgaf No Mo" depicts experiencing life’s pain and turning it into a strength. Edwrd believes, "As children, we learn how to live so we survive, but I no longer want to live solely to survive." Deep in musical collaboration with Grammy award-winning mixer/master sound engineer James Auwarter, Edwrd has already begun to create a catalog of his sound. This has also allowed the development of his creative process allowing Edwrd to consistently bring his style to every track. Edwrd states, "I like what's comfortable to me. Knowing that I'm working with someone that has credits working with the likes of Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco puts me at ease when it comes to the mix. He's a very professional person and so am I so we work well in tandem and I confidently know the track in and out. I can make consistent music which is a joy as an artist. That allows me to focus on what I want to make instead of wondering if what I'm doing is good and not being sure about how to proceed creatively." Edwrd also credits a part of his creative process to his relationship with veteran vocal tracking engineer Casper J Coda. With his collaborations with talented professionals like James & Casper along with photographers, videographers, and content creators, Edwrd is on track to build a foundation that is independent and brings hope to his future project. 

Known for capturing eardrums with his raw lyrics, Edwrd mixes hypnotic beats and smooth sounds to create his signature style. He is driven and devoted to bringing his music to the mainstream and states, "In my professional life I've enjoyed extreme success as a businessman, but ultimately I've always known music was my passion and that is where God wants me to be."

"Dgaf No Mo" is available on Spotify. For more information about Edwrd visit his Instagram. 

About Edwrd

Edwrd is an upcoming singer/songwriter from Dallas, Texas. He is endlessly perfecting his craft, writing hit tracks like "Dgaf No Mo" and his upcoming alternative Hip Hop track entitled "Everything." Edwrd is poised to become the next big star in the music industry. He shares, "This is just the beginning. I have faith the world will recognize the purity and rawness of what I'm doing right now and lend its support as I endeavor this journey of music and self-discovery."   

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