Make way for the Canadian talent Victoria Alex and her new track, “I HATE YOUR FRIENDS”

Victoria Alex continues to turn heads with her new milestone, ‘I HATE YOUR FRIENDS’

(Los Angeles, CA) May 6, 2022 – Former Mini Pop Kid Victoria Alex wears both emotions and unapologetic honesty on her sleeves in her sophomore musical offering this spring. The 19-year-old recording artist has tapped into a whimsical yet grounded Alternative Pop Punk sound on her new single, I HATE YOUR FRIENDS, which comes out on all music platforms today. 

While her 2021 hit debut ‘Screaming’ talks about being confused and dealing with the ups and downs of being young; this new two-and-a-half-minute production ‘I HATE YOUR FRIENDS’ is about being yourself and not being afraid to say, ‘I hate your friends!’ Produced by Dutch Revz, ‘I HATE YOUR FRIENDS’ encourages everyone to support a loved one or a friend who feels stuck in a toxic environment. 

Victoria Alex shares, “It’s about loving yourself no matter who you are, and recognizing that just because it feels good, doesn’t mean it’s good for you! Friends are supposed to support and bring the best out of you, not bring you down, gaslight, or lead you into toxic environments.” 

I HATE YOUR FRIENDS’ is now available for streaming via major music platforms, including Spotify. Follow Victoria Alex via her website and Instagram handle to get real-time updates. 

About Victoria Alex

Victoria Alex hails from Toronto, Canada. At the early age of 8, she knew that music would be her passion. The 80’s culture shapes her music, drawing creative influences from luminaries such as The Offspring, U2, Wings, The Eagles, Tame Impala, and Fleetwood Mac, just to name a few. Also a former contestant on the first season of CTV’s The Launch, Victoria was mentored by Boy George. She was also seen traveling and performing across Canada, and visiting schools to spread awareness about the effects of mental health and bullying. 

Victoria made her first splash in the streaming scene just five months ago with the track, ‘Screaming.’ Setting the microphone with a self-assured and commanding vocal performance, the audience quickly noticed her. And in ‘I HATE YOUR FRIENDS,’ she continues to display her deep-seated adeptness, which will make listeners crave for more. ‘I HATE YOUR FRIENDS’ indefinitely marks another turning point in Victoria’s career and is expected to surpass her debut track, ‘Screaming.’

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