Psyclo releases a moody and intense EP titled "Slaughter House."

Psyclo sets the music industry on fire with her dark and emotional EP, "Slaughter House." 

(Los Angeles, CA) May 6th, 2022 – Los Angeles-based Psyclo's latest EP, "Slaughter House," is available on all major platforms. Packed with literate wordplay, "Slaughter House" features dark, moody, and emotional topics paired with enticing and hypnotic sounds. The EP doesn't seek permission while hitting listeners with relentless realness.  

Untamed and holding nothing back, Psyclo shares raw emotion while lyrically allowing her mood to swing. Her constant delivery of shock and awe is heard throughout the EP, wrapped in words of insanity, gloom, and unconventional honesty. Dark, moody, and emotional, this EP features tracks about intense life experiences such as death, hurt, and the intricate features of the human brain. Infusing fans with a glimpse into her shadow side, "Slaughter House" is a masterpiece full of sound and lyrical vulnerability.

Psyclo states, "Mixed feelings. Black and blue. Maybe a sense of belonging is what we're all missing." The EP exposes that there are times when she is sick of the world and not so sure about it and her belief that pain's not in the body. She explains, "We never know what happens next, I try to think wisely but, not okay to never know, rather today than tomorrow."

Covered in scars, broken hopes, and dreams, Psyclo continues to escape dark thoughts using music as her therapy. She shares, "I like who I am, my insecurities, my pride, my ugliness, my shames, they kinda give me an idea of who I am and who I want to be next." With music by her side and songs that dive into topics such as pain, anger, anxiety, and heartbreak, Psyclo is currently on track to reach sonic heights and be a force in the recording industry. 

"Slaughter House" is available on major platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. For more information about Psyclo, visit Instagram

About Psyclo 

Born in Yingkou, China, Psyclo uses writing uncensored lyrics to work through complex feelings. Life experiences inspire her, and she brings pain to the forefront with her music while commanding listeners' eardrums. 

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