Tunji Jemi-Alade III reveals a world of fierce independence with his latest EP, "Never Think Without Thinking."

Tunji Jemi-Alade III takes listeners on a cultural journey that transcends ethnicity and race with his latest EP, "Never Think Without Thinking." 

(Los Angeles, CA) April 29th, 2022 -- Musician Tunji Jemi Alade III 

takes music enthusiasts on a journey beyond politics and borders with his latest EP, "Never Think Without Thinking." His second solo album builds on the wordsmithery of his intricate mind and draws from his experience as an influencer. As an artist starting to find his groove and influence ahead of trends, he finds unity in songwriting and sound. 

Determined to be a force within the music industry, Tunji Jemi Alade III feels he must fight for what he believes in and never give up his identity to become a mainstream artist. "Never Think Without Thinking" is his means to reveal his thoughts and never sway his beliefs to fit society. Tunji states, "I have had to remove a ton of bullshit to say that I value being loved over being protected. Being loved is better than that. And being a star, superstar, or sell-out mainstream artist is hard work, almost like being an astronaut; one has to know what the future holds and be prepared for it instead of thinking it's only one-sided."

Tunji's online movement has grown globally, and he continues to leverage social media to prove he is the real deal and highlight his music. His current EP carries out his intention of creating something fiercely independent and full of creative control. Innovative and fresh, "Never Think Without Thinking" has four songs and is packed with trippy new wave and trap vibes allowing fans to immerse their eardrums and heighten all senses with his authenticity and truth. 

"Never Think Without Thinking" is available on all digital platforms. For more information, visit Instagram or his website. 

About Tunji Jemi-Alade III

Tunji Jemi Alade III strives for a lifestyle and culture that transcends ethnicity, race, gender, and Freudian beliefs. He states, "I believe in longevity and that my geopolitical aims are enforced by my understanding that I am allowed to compete in society and that society accepts that." His music is an infusion of trap, rap, and R&B and has led him to differentiate himself from other artists proving he deserves his place as a future music legend. 

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