Sepsiss releases a magnetic new track and video titled "Yesterday Isn't Me."

Sepsiss ignites and excites rock fans with their latest single and video, "Yesterday Isn't Me."

(Los Angeles, CA) May 3, 2022 – Manchester, New Hampshire-based Sepsiss latest track and music video, "Yesterday Isn’t Me," is explosive and dynamic with a mission to create new fans of the rock genre with their authentic music sound known for its thunderous and captivating guitar riffs and original lyrics.

"Yesterday Isn’t Me" is an ambitious blend of rock music, taking listeners on various emotions using lyrical storytelling and their signature rock sound. The track is filled with electric guitars, roaring drums, and igniting lyrics that hypnotize listeners, leaving them craving an encore. 

Sepsiss is a two-time hard rock/metal award winner at the New England music awards in 2019 and 2021. In 2020 the band released their full-length album "Almost 11" via the orchard. In addition, the band is creating a language and landscape encouraging new listeners to the hard rock/metal genre while balancing tradition and authenticity.

Joined by their infectious army of "swarmies," Sepsiss uses social media and live broadcasts to engage with new fans. Their innovative approach encourages hosting games, music, recording sessions, and cooking shows. Lead singer Melissa Wolfe is also the founder of her video game community, Immaculate Connection Gaming, a Halo-based social network on the Xbox and Microsoft social club. Sepsiss and the swarm share games online, meetings at live events and shows, and the band's music art.

To learn about Sepsiss, visit their website. To watch the video visit Sepsiss - "Yesterday Isn't Me" - YouTube and to stream their music, visit Spotify

About Sepsiss 

Hailing from New England in 2021 and making the most of COVID restrictions, Sepsiss leveraged its brand by playing shows, releasing new content, and winning its second regional award. As a result, the band continues to gain momentum and be trailblazers in the New England music scene. The band is on track and set to solidify its presence in the new era of modern metal and hard rock. With new music and videos on the horizon, Sepsiss is destined to create a new language and landscape enticing new hard rock and metal listeners while balancing tradition and authenticity. 

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