Christopher The Grey Releases Single,"Oh My Damn"

(Los Angeles, CA) May 9th, 2022 –   Birmingham, Alabama-based artist Christopher The Grey's latest single, "Oh My Damn," is available on major music platforms. "Oh My Damn" is the lead single from his forthcoming album, "The Departure." Following the success of his previous release, "So Hot," featuring Snoop Dogg, Christopher The Grey is known for his unique sound and diverse background. 

Christopher's musical journey started when he was a teenager in Birmingham, Alabama. A chance encounter with a New York teen in town visiting relatives catapulted his drive to pursue a path in music. The New York teen was rapping at a local performance and encouraged Christopher to join, and this collaboration left a lasting impression. 

Brilliant and authentic "Oh My Damn" is a track that reveals Christopher's most honest self. He states,"Look, this is who I really am. Maybe you had things confused but now you know." 

Using the momentum as a source of inspiration and influenced by artists such as Prince, Christopher The Grey's catchy melodies highlight his neo-old school style. "Oh my Damn" reflects Christopher's originality and creative growth and paves the way for him to establish a strong presence in the music industry. Christopher states, "This is who I am, and I am good with it. I want people to feel it's okay to be who they are and know it's cool. Most of my music is based on my life and experiences, nothing over the top, just everyday life. I want people to feel that it's okay to live everyday life, and most of the time, it's not glamorous and extravagant. The fun is in making the memories and living. So do some things that make you say, Oh My Damn!"

"Oh My Damn" is available on major streaming platforms.  

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