DaPhatMack releases a dark and intense track, "MNS."

(Los Angeles, CA) May 20th, 2022 – Texas-based DaPhatMack's latest single, "MNS," is available on major platforms. Dark, moody, and emotional, the track provides insight into how insanity exists. "MNS" is a love ballot to being unadulterated, unapologetic, and ignorant for no reason. Infusing listeners with dark sounds, the latest by DaPhatMack, will leave a lasting impression.  

Founder of "Darkcide Productions," DaPhatMack is known for stacking lyrics and has an aesthetic for producing dark and moody beats. His music is enticing and hypnotic, relentlessly hitting on heavier subjects. "MNS" depicts the mindset of someone who has stopped caring about being prim and proper, refusing to abide by the rhetoric of modern-day societal standards. As a result, his music can be minimalistic, raw, and emotionally belligerent, slaughtering the human lexicon. 

He credits an eclectic and wide range of music genres, from classical to EDM, as vessels that led him to pursue a career in music. DaPhatMack states, "I hope people don't take "MNS" as a general nod to the simple language used in the track but more as a motif and inspiration to all walks of life when they hit that moment when they ultimately say F everything while also laughing at the touches of humor deliberately snuck in as undertones and blatant disregard for being politically correct.

"MNS" is streaming on iTunes. For more information on DaPhatMack, visit his Twitter. 

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